Facilitating Annual Strategic Planning Retreat

for StudioOutside

at Trinity River Audubon Center


"Meg was the most thoroughly prepared facilitator that we have

experienced in ten years of retreats - she digested a lot of

information before the retreat and analyzed the data so that

she and the participants came fully prepared

and eliminated hours of analytical conversation."


Management serviceS:

+retreat & meeting facilitation

Conduct background research, synthesize findings, prepare presentations and lead the discussion at meetings

with senior partners, executive leaders, Boards of Directors 

or staff, focusing on strategic issues, root causes, future

direction and next steps.

+Focus groups

Lead interactive focus groups to gather opinions and feedback. Synthesize the findings to assess the direction of a strategy which is being considered, or to determine the success of one which has already launched, and to help find remedies for those which are not effective.

+360 interviews

Conduct in-depth interviews with “Key Stakeholders", the executive team, clients, employees, vendors and contractors

to gauge their level of satisfaction with services and products or gather opinions about a strategic initiative.

+ORGANIZATION & TeAM assessments

Use statistically validated tools developed over 30 years of research by Target Training International (TTI) to determine behavioral work style (DISC), key motivators and interpersonal skills. Incorporate results with leadership development, staff and department training and the assembly of an optimal project team.


Increase organizational effectiveness through a structured problem-solving process that results in consensus around strategic direction, implementation plan and business opportunities.

Offer Problem-solving Process (PSP) workshops which teach McKinsey and other top-tier management consulting firms' tools and methodologies, using a client-generated business case.